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Hi Amazon Sellers!


If you are reading this, your account is either suspended or you are searching for some tips on how to write a good Appeal. Nowadays, you can find a lot of companies offering reinstatement services with almost 99% success rate. We have been working with different companies, reinstating their and our own accounts - reach almost perfect success rate is impossible...

If we see that we cannot help you ,we will not waste your money and our time. If we decide to do business together, we need your full engagement into the process, so we can achieve best results possible.


We are a group of Amazon Ex-sellers and seller account managers. We have been working with Amazon accounts for almost 7 years. We were selling on different Amazon marketplaces for 3 years. Last 4 years we helped to manage other sellers accounts across Europe and US.

We have been running our own stores and know more than any other what does it mean to receive following notification: Your Amazon Selling privileges have been removed... Sometimes it sounds like a nightmare for those, who use Amazon as a main source of Income.


We decided to share our experience and help other sellers to avoid suspensions and reactivate their seller accounts.

7 years of experience

Up to date information

Individual Appeals and POAs

Unlimited support 24/7

Individual Appeal Letter for only 249 USD

Standard service for only 399 USD

Customer support in English, Polish, Russian and Lithuanian

7 years of experience

Our team members were managing different seller accounts. Some of them up to now are active Amazon sellers. This gives us a great advantage compared to other companies, as we have good insights from different perspectives. We were dealing with all types of Suspensions and we know exactly, how to solve particular issues.

Up to date information

As some of our team members are selling on Amazon, we have everyday access to Seller Central. We can analyze new threats for suspension, become familiar with all the new features. We guarantee, that we are well prepared for all the issues that can occur to your Amazon Seller Account.

Individual Appeals and POAs

We provide individual service for our customers. We do not use any templates but carefully investigate the issue and prepare a bespoke Appeal and Plan of Action. We work together with customers, so every time we send an Appeal, we explain everything in details with all the guidelines.

Unlimited amount of support

With STANDARD and EXPEDITED plans, we will prepare unlimited repeat Appeals for free. We will help you to communicate with Amazon and give you expert advises to successfully reinstate your seller account. We will work hard to reinstate your selling privileges.

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