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  • How long can it take to reinstate my account?
    Unfortunately, there is no time frame when it comes to Amazon Seller account reinstatement. It depends on type of suspension and how many appeals you already sent. Sometimes it can take less than hour and sometimes several months...
  • Can you guarantee account reinstatement?
    We are here to help you prepare a strong Plan of Action and increase chances of reinstatement. Due to the nature of Amazon business, we cannot guarantee you a success, but we are ready to work with you as long as it needs, until final decision will be reached.
  • What should I do, after order has been placed?"
    Please wait for a confirmation email. After you will receive a confirmation email, we will start preparing your Appeal and Plan of Action. If we will need any additional documents or information, we will let you know. Please do not contact Amazon in any way without our permission! You can decrease your chances of reinstatement.
  • What are my chances for reinstatement?
    Usually, you have much more chances to get reinstated thank you think. It depends on your previous actions and account history. Please contact us to get more information on this. If we will not be able to help you, we will let you know. We are not going to handle any case if there is no chance to get back on track.
  • What Amazon marketplaces do you support?
    Suspensions are very similar across almost all Amazon marketplaces. In some situations you have to act differently, as there are different departments. We are here to help you with all your Amazon marketplaces, irrespectively of suspension type.
  • Do you offer money back guarantee if my account will not be reinstated?
    Preparing a strong appeal with Plan of Action requires a lot of resources. It consists of research, writing skills, communication and know-how. We do not simply take your money and send you some basic appeal. We guide you through all the process and communicate with you on a 24/7 basis. We are not able to guarantee the success, but we are here to increase your chances of reinstatement.
  • In what cases I can request purchase refund?
    You can request a full refund if we will not provide you with an appeal and Plan of Action within set time frame. Please keep in mind, that we start preparing your appeal after we confirm that we received both your payment and all the information needed.
  • Can I Prepare a Plan of Action myself?
    Without doubt, you can also prepare a Plan of Action. The question is: how good it will be... We specialize in reinstating Amazon seller accounts. We know exactly what to include in your appeal and what not. We are strict and to the point. We are not familiar with your business, that's why we will not include any invaluable information, but we will send exactly what they ask to achieve successful results.
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